• A Retreat for Gay Men

    Creating Your Future is a weekend retreat for gay men, designed to help you connect with what’s most important to you now so that you can begin making the changes necessary to realize your dreams. Developed and delivered by the Gandolfo Group—in partnership with Bradley Coaching—this transformational experience is planned for Q4 2018, most likely in Palm Springs, California.


    Our adult lives are filled with inflection points, including moments of transition that happen to us and ones that we make happen. The impetus for attending Creating Your Future could be an event, a personal milestone, or even a realization that reaching your goals won’t happen by doing more of the same. This retreat will help you see transitions as springboards for positive shifts in your life.


  • 'Crazy-busy' is a great armor, it's a great way for numbing.

    What a lot of us do is that we stay so busy, and so out in front of our life,

    that the truth of how we're feeling and what we really need can't catch up with us.

    Brene Brown


    Participants should be ready to do the work to convert their dreams into a plan. If you identify with any of these scenarios, this retreat is for you:

    • It’s hitting me that time is passing. I enjoy my life, but I know that there’s more out there. Doing more of the same won’t help me build the life that I dream of.

    • I’ve spent years working toward a professional goal. My career has progressed, but I am now wondering if this is the right path for me.

    • I’ve invested a disproportionate amount of time in one area of my life, and I am ready to rebalance priorities.

    • My relationship status or life circumstances have changed—or I want to make a change—and I want to move forward in the way that’s best for my future.

    Over three days, Creating Your Future will bring together a diverse group of up to 16 gay men from all stages of their adult lives. You will learn and share what’s important to you in the safety of a community with the shared experience of being gay. Telling your story with people who aren't your partner, friends or familyand hearing others’ experiencesprovides support, perspective, and clarity.


    What you will get out of the experience?

    You’ll reflect on defining moments of your life, prioritize key areas and relationships, bring your goals into focus, and build a plan to get there. Declaring what you want for the future—along with a personalized plan that only you can create—moves you from the passenger seat to the driver's seat of your life. But this is more than a weekend of reflection; it will be a collaborative process where you’ll hear from others in similar circumstances and share collective wisdom in a safe and open place.


    We will help you integrate what your head and heart are saying in an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance created by our shared experience as gay men. If you are a results-driven person who is accustomed to executing tasks and thinking things through from a pragmatic standpoint, we will help you build awareness of what your body—especially your heart—is telling you. If you are a dreamer with clear ideas of how you want to live, think, and feel in the future, we will help you identify tactical moves to get you there.

  • examples of outcomes from CREATING YOUR FUTURE retreat

    Goal Clarity

    "Kyle" participated in the retreat six months after the end of a long-term relationship. The excitement of dating again had already worn off, and he was beginning to wonder if ending a good relationship in the hope of finding something great was the right decision. The retreat helped clarify that marriage, children, home ownership and travel were at the core of his desired future. This gave him the courage not to let relationships develop with people that didn't share these priorities. It also allowed him to adapt some of his goals. For instance, he decided to stop waiting for his future partner before buying a home.

    Reframing Beliefs

    "Dave" had already left his all-consuming corporate role, but his workaholic tendencies had followed him to his new career. During the retreat, he realized the role he played in his work-life imbalance. He was committed to improving his physical and mental health, and yet we was hanging onto a competing belief that if he took time for himself, he was being a selfish coworker, husband and father. With the help of his coach, he reframed taking time for himself as neccessary for him to give his best for his colleagues and family. Dave left the retreat with clear steps he would take to invest in his health (a new Fitbit, weekly hiking with a friend), his relationship with his spouse (secret date nights, planning trips for the coming year), and his career (taking steps to be a more proactive leader).

    Creative Move

    "Micah" had recently been let go by a renowned dance company after many years there as a dancer, choreographer and creative director. The company had decided to change focus and wanted to bring in new talent and move in a different direction. In addition, he and his long-term partner decided to take a break and re-evaluate their relationship soon thereafter. When he attended the retreat he was confused and exhausted but held the hope that he could finally clarify what he wanted his life to be and how he could move forward. He took the 3 days to deeply reflect on his dreams and then, with the help of his coach created a plan to move forward. He is now living in Paris while teaching, writing and creating new works of movement art.

    Positive Protirement

    To call "Steve" an overachiever was no exaggeration. He had spent his entire career moving up the ladder in various industries from entertainment to high tech. He was very successful and his compensation and rewards packages reflected his drive and achievements. As he approached another milestone birthday, though, he began to question the direction of his life and why, after a career of success and top rewards, was he feeling like something was missing? At the retreat, he began to look deeply at these feelings and decided it was time to look at what he called "creative retirement". With the help of the group and his coach, he defined his personal core values, clearly voiced his dreams and created a plan to move forward. Today he and his husband are living in a different community and creating a sustainable future together.

  • “Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; 

    Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

    Simon Sinek




    • Group welcome and introduction
    • Setting of intentions for the retreat
    • Self-reflection on pivotal events. including sharing with a group of peers
    • Hosted happy hour by the pool before dinner on your own


    9am-5pm, followed by group dinner

    • Pre-session hike near Palm Springs
    • Craft your values and create a life purpose statement
    • Hosted lunch
    • Identify your priorities in five key areas of your life (career, personal growth, romance, friends/family, and community)
    • Post-session host group dinner at a nearby restaurant



    • Pre-session yoga in the garden
    • Build your plan, including a vision board and the first three steps  to get started on your key goals
    • Review and wrap-up

    While the path you chart will be uniquely yours, you will have ample support along the way. This retreat is developed and delivered by Peter Gandolfo and Craig Bradley, both certified executive coaches and accomplished business leaders. They are also gay men who have applied this process to their own lives as they have navigated many of the life events that men experience: finding a spouse/partner, starting over, marriage, career changes, relocating, fatherhood, protirement (the modern, active version of retirement), identity shifts, losses, and more.


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    Peter Gandolfo

    Executive Coach

    Peter Gandolfo is an ICF ACC certified executive coach. He trained with the renowned Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Coaching combines his 20+ years of professional experience in marketing, management, and consulting with his love for helping others find their own path. He's committed to creating a more diverse workforce (in all its forms) by helping leaders develop their authentic leadership styles.


    His life experience informs much of his coaching work. Straight out of college, he enrolled in medical school. Three weeks in, he realized he'd spent so much time proving to himself that he could get into medical school, he’d never considered whether he wanted to be a physician! He switched to a career in business, which is a much better fit. Since then, he's always taken time to find and follow his inner “true north” when making career and life decisions, a process that’s especially important now that he's a husband and the father of two sons. All these experiences guide him in his coaching work.

    Before launching Gandolfo Group—a coaching and consulting practice based in Los Angeles—he worked at the Drucker Institute, a social enterprise grounded in the management principles of Peter Drucker. He spent nine years in brand management and international marketing at Mattel, where he founded an employee resource group for LGBT employees and allies. Earlier work experience included product marketing for Ford Motor Company and advertising account management at FCB. He holds and M.B.A. in marketing and entrepreneurship from UCLA Anderson and a B.A. in Psychology and Pre-Professional Studies from the University of Notre Dame.


    To learn more about Peter's coaching practice, please visit

    www. gandolfogroup.com.

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    Craig Bradley

    Executive Coach

    Craig is an ACC certified executive coach who trained at the renowned Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. He has over 30+ years experience in executive leadership, consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, recruitment and selection with several multi- national companies in entertainment, retail and healthcare.


    His corporate experience includes Sony Music, Gap and DaVita—where he led human resource, operations and marketing/sales teams and coached successful, high performance executives and emerging leaders at various stages of their careers. Craig is passionate about guiding individuals and teams to their full potential within and outside of corporate environments.


    In addition to his certification from the Hudson Institute, Craig has earned two bachelor of arts degrees in International Relations and Spanish from the University of California at Davis, where he graduated with honors. He has done graduate work at UC Berkeley and Universidad de Madrid. He has served on several boards of directors including Larkin Street Youth Services, AIDS Emergency Fund and the Tenderloin Resource Center in San Francisco and currently volunteers for MuttVille, a senior dog rescue group.


    Craig currently resides in Palm Springs, CA, with his husband of 15 years and their three senior rescue dogs. They enjoy international travel, hiking in the desert and mountains around Palm Springs and loyally cheering on their SF Giants.


    To learn more about Craig's coaching practice, please visit

    Bradley Coaching.

  • "We are too young to give up on our dreams and too old to put them off for the future"

    Peter Gandolfo


    The $1,699 registration includes:



    -Pre-reading (we will provide via email in advance of the retreat)


    -Worksheets that you will use during the retreat and refer to afterwards



    -Friday welcome reception happy hour (dinner is on your own)

    -Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner

    -Sunday breakfast and lunch


    Optional Activities

    -Saturday morning hike

    -Sunday morning yoga


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    For more information about the retreat, please contact us.